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Flasher Geng

Heechul Wasn't Watching

Title: Heechul Wasn't Watching
Author: dostana
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung, Heechul/Hankyung
Hankyung is tempted by a drunk Siwon and figures, well, since Heechul isn't there...
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior or any pairings - just the fics I write.

‘Damn you for falling asleep on me!’

‘Ah, you’re so adorable.... look at that drool on your chin!’

‘I just want to lick it off....’


‘ugh, why do you still manage to make me want to fuck you even when you’re sleeping?!’

‘damn you chinaman! get some rest. i’ll talk to you later. chu~~!’

heenim_the_cat_lady has signed off

Hankyung yawned and stretched his arms back as he finished reading his computer screen. He looked over at the bottle of soju. It was empty. It looked like he had dozed off while webcamming with Heechul again. But really, it wasn’t his fault. It was mostly due to the soju and the fact that all Heechul did was whine about him being in China too long and how he hated being ‘all alone’ in Korea. And when he wasn’t whining, Heechul was threatening him with castration because he seemed to be getting ‘close to Siwon’.

‘heechul, it’s siwon....’

‘exactly! godly abs siwon! >:I ‘

‘we just play around for the cameras. stop being so goddamn jealous.’

‘jealous or not... remember this, hankyungie: I AM ALWAYS WATCHING!’


Hankyung looked over to find a shirtless, seemingly drunk Siwon stumbling into his room with a goofy grin on his face and a mischievous spark in his eyes. The taller boy stumbled over to Hankyung in the computer chair, tripping over his own feet on his way. Hankyung stood up quickly and caught the younger boy in his arms.

Siwon laughed, “Thank you, hyung. You’re always looking out for me!”

Hankyung helped the other stand up straight, starting to say how he couldn’t believe Siwon was this drunk when his words were cut off by Siwon’s lips pressed against his. It took a couple of seconds for the older boy to process what was going on as Siwon let his tongue slip inside Hankyung’s mouth.

Siwon was kissing him. He should be pushing away. He should be thinking of Heechul.

But Hankyung didn’t want to push away. He liked the fact that Siwon was kissing him. Hankyung’s eyes flew over to the computer. ‘heenim_the_cat_lady has signed off.’ Heechul wasn’t watching...

And it was because Heechul wasn’t watching that Hankyung allowed himself to give in to his need for Siwon.

His hands wrapped around Siwon’s bare torso, his fingers feeling their way up and down the other’s smooth skin. Siwon moaned against Hankyung’s lips at the sensation of having his fingers touch him. The younger gripped the edges of the other’s shirt and quickly stripped it from the dancer’s body so he could satiate his own hunger for skin.

Hankyung pulled the drunk Siwon over to the bed by his belt loops and let the taller boy climb over him.

Siwon’s searing kisses began running down Hankyung’s neck. His eyes fluttered closed and soft moans escaped his lips. ‘Heechul isn’t watching....’

The younger’s kisses traveled down Hankyung’s chest. A cry of mixed pain and pleasure filled the room as Siwon bit down on Hankyung’s nipple, teasing it with his teeth and tongue. The dancer’s hips subconsciously grinded against the other’s, resulting in satisfied moans. Pants were then stripped off one another, followed immediately by underwear. ‘Heechul isn’t watching....’

One finger entered him, then another. Hankyung bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming as Siwon’s fingers scissored inside of him. The painful, pleasuring filling was so intoxicating. He needed more of it... He needed more of Siwon.

As if he could read his hyung’s mind, Siwon pulled his fingers out of Hankyung and placed his length at the other’s entrance. Holding Hankyung’s hips, Siwon slowly pushed into him. Hankyung’s fingers gripped the sheets around him tightly as he screamed and shuddered at the painful, yet thrilling feeling of Siwon inside of him.

Siwon’s lips captured his in a sloppy, impassioned kiss as he pushed into Hankyung all the way.

Ungh... dammit Siwon.... move!” Hankyung ordered, pushing his hips up. ‘Heechul can’t hear....’

The grip on his hips tightened as Siwon began to move inside Hankyung. His thrusts were slow at first but quickly gained speed as the moans coming from Hankyung fueled him. He took a hand off of Hankyung’s hips and wrapped it around the dancer’s erection. The older boy moaned loudly and bucked his hips appreciatively as Siwon started pumping him in time to his quick thrusts.

Hankyung’s back arched and his body shuddered as he climaxed, coming into Siwon’s hand and over his own abdomen, screaming the younger boy’s name. The younger watched, the speed of his thrusts quickly increasing as he neared his own peak. The tightness surrounding him finally was too much and he came soon after, spilling himself inside Hankyung.

Siwon pulled out of Hankyung and fell beside him on the bed, a silly smile plastered on his sweaty face. “I liked that, hyung... It was nice...”

Hankyung nodded in response and laid his head on Siwon’s strong shoulder, the younger boy wrapping his arms around him.

Siwon was the first to fall asleep. Hankyung watched the younger’s peaceful face and smiled. ‘Heechul wasn’t here. Heechul couldn’t see. Heechul didn’t know,’ Hankyung reassured himself as he placed a light kiss to Siwon’s lips before drifting off into his own sleep.

Neither of them had noticed the blinking green light on Hankyung’s webcam.

Heechul hadn’t been ‘offline’.

Heechul had been ‘invisible’.



Amazing as always bb :D, now I can write my paper with a smile on my face.

btw can I request you a Hankyung/Eunhyuk sometime? *epic puppy eyes*

TY TY BB! <333

And, yes! You can request away 'cause I'm always up for requests!

Hankyung/Eunhyuk you shall have!
XD oh wow that was awesome......reeeeeaaaally loved the ending XD really hope u continue it >.
I'm glad you liked it! I do plan on writing a follow-up, lol >.< Heechul won't let Geng get away that easily...

then i fully intend to stalk ^_^; Gengs been bad..Heechul has the right to do whatever hes going to do XD

Poor HeeChul ;O;
-cuddles him-

I love how you write though *O*
omgggg that boy is gonna get the biggest tongue lashing he's yet to recieve in his life when heechuls gets his hands on him. he's gonna eat at him ALIVE
ooooh~!!! This is soooo AMAZING~!
i really do hope that you'll continue this :D
Somebody's gonna get hell as soon as they got back from China... but this Heechul we're talking about, he'll probably demand a threesome or something.
‘jealous or not... remember this, hankyungie: I AM ALWAYS WATCHING!’


LOL. I'm sorry, I'm such a die-hard ShiHan shipper. Haha. But this was great. Drunk! Siwon is always sexy and jealous! Heechul is well...jealous. Haha. :))
woooo ... what an ending there ...
i think theres a fic told bout the relatioship of hanchul caused by siwon :D
omg poor heechul he saw them
hannie you ... ):
well he said he’s always watching why they didn’t believe him?
Heechul shld so..... punish siwon for taking advantage of geng :D
I'm sorry for Heechul but that was HOT!!! I understand Hankyung, no one can resist Siwon!!

Please do more SiHan!!!! <3333333
XD... SiHan <3, but for how much longer will they live XD
gaaaahd~ heechul was watching XD
he'd probably go hysterical with hankyung, then demand to have a threesome. LOL XD
Heechul is d master ninja!!!!!!!!!!!

And here I thought Siwon was working together with Heechul to seduce Hankyung and prove Heechul right.


Hankyung. Flee. Now.

Before the wrath of Heenim thunders down upon you!

SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!